It’s true: people like you have played a big role in many of UQ’s achievements, beginning with the founding of the University back in 1909.

Sustaining Excellence in the quality of learning, discovery, and engagement as well as ensuring that research and development programs are booming requires a committed cadre of benefactors.

Funding from sources outside the University play a key role in our growth, and no contribution is too small to make a difference.

Where exactly do these contributions go to?

  • Students, through scholarships, fellowships, grants, sponsored internship programs, innovative academics, outstanding faculty, and top-notch learning and research facilities
  • Faculty, departments and colleges, supporting scholarship, research, professional-level equipment, and ever-expanding programs
  • Centers and labs, for their ongoing research in applied life sciences, bioengineering, information and communication technology, materials and material process engineering, and sustainable systems and infrastructure

UQ has benefited from the generosity of its alumni and friends.

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