Study at UQ

The UQ Advantage

The University of Queensland is globally recognized for its outstanding learning opportunities, award-winning teaching staff, premier research and superior university facilities. UQ students and alumni are connected with the global community through research initiatives, student exchange programs and global networks. This unique set of opportunities is the UQ Advantage.

Students at UQ can take advantage of:

  • Comprehensive undergraduate and postgraduate programs in a world-class teaching environment
  • International learning opportunities through a robust student exchange program
  • State-of-the-art facilities – including learning, research, sports and residential colleges across four campuses
  • Networking opportunities with businesses and the community
  • A diverse and distinctive student body of over 45,500
  • Over 100 student clubs and societies

Interested in becoming a UQ student? Learn more about UQ and its world-renowned programs here.

Study abroad at UQ

The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Study Abroad program offers you different perspectives on your field of study to broaden your skills and knowledge. The program is available to students currently studying at an accredited university overseas.

As a study abroad student, you can study at UQ for one or two semesters. Credit for courses successfully completed is normally transferable towards your home university degree.

Learn more about studying abroad at UQ, or check out this comprehensive presentation on UQ’s study abroad and exchange program.

“With my courses at UQ, I got to travel to so many places like Heron Island, Moreton Bay, Stradbroke Island, and lots of National Parks. It’s the BEST way to learn about Australia because it was very hands-on. For our assignments and labs we would actually travel to places where we could do practical learning of the subject. For example in Marine Biology, my class went to a research station in Moreton Island (right on the water!), where my group collected crabs from the beach and tested their aggressiveness.”

Steven Oishi – Exchange Student, Canada