World Environment Day – UQ experts available

4 June 2019

University of Queensland experts are available to comment on issues relating to World Environment Day on 5 June. Journalists can contact the experts below or search by topic or name at UQ Experts.

Professor Rob Capon

Professor Rob Capon is the founder of the Cane Toad Challenge, a citizen science and community engagement project founded to inform and empower the public in best practice control of the invasive cane toad through trapping cane toad tadpoles. 

Contact:, +61 7 3346 2979

Dr Cheong Xin Chan

Dr Cheong Xin Chan is sequencing the genomes of the algae that live within corals to find genes that enhance resilience in the algae and help their coral partners adapt to environmental changes, and to understand how these algae evolved to form this unique partnership that prevents coral bleaching.

Contact:, +61 416 310 786

Associate Professor Glen Corder

Associate Professor Corder can comment on how the mining industry can engage with the circular economy, particularly in the area of mining waste and end-of-life products containing metals.

Contact:, +61 401 994 948, +61 7 3346 4136

Professor Longbin Huang

Professor Huang’s research explores the challenges of managing and rehabilitating tailings and mine waste facing mining and mineral extraction sectors, and technological innovations for sustaining responsible metal mining and mineral extraction.

Contact:, +61 7 3346 3130, +61 428 518 998

Dr Esteban Marcellin

Dr Esteban Marcellin is using microbes to reduce CO2 emissions and facilitate the shift away from fossil fuels.

Contact:, +61 7 3346 3158

Professor Martine Maron

Professor Maron can comment on biodiversity issues such as the recent UN biodiversity report, and threatened species in Australia particularly threatened birds, land clearing and environmental offsets policy.

Contact:, +61 417 110 537

Professor Lianzhou Wang

Professor Wang can speak about sustainable energy technologies such as the latest developments in solar cell technologies and artificial leaves.

Contact:, +61 7 3365 4218