Ventures: A Call to Action

11 March 2019

There are many ways entrepreneurs, industry, and government can connect with UQ to take ideas to impact


Get involved

Contact Global Engagement and Entrepreneurship Director Dr Jessica Gallagher to connect.

Host internships

Our students can provide your organisation with innovative ideas and new perspectives, a range of up-to-date technical skills, and an eagerness to learn.

Professional development

Our team offers a range of courses and training activities for local and international partners to broaden their entrepreneurial mindsets. 

Be a mentor

We are looking to engage with the startup ecosystem, industry and government partners to expose our students to industry challenges, solving issues in business and society.


Be a guest speaker

We host a range of events and competitions where industry experts network and share their knowledge with the Ventures community.


Connect with researchers

More than 100 startups have been founded from UQ’s intellectual property – a milestone unsurpassed by any other Australian university.


Give us your problem

Partner with us to identify industry challenges that require innovative solutions from our entrepreneurs, which are then developed and implemented.